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About Us

Innovating And Making, (IAM), was founded by Michelle A King in 2018.  


Michelle has been teaching design and technology for 20 years and has been passionately working with children to be creative, design and make things for the last 30 years.  


Innovating and Making, wants children to come and be creative, getting involved in crafting great products while being innovative; sparking their imagination to design, make and decorate products.  

What makes us unique is that the children not only decorate products but they also have the opportunity to make them from scratch.  We foster a thriving, innovative environment encouraging and supporting children to tap into their inner creativity, inventing new ideas, designing and making the finished product and then decorating it.  They will be taught how to design and develop their ideas into 3D and to make them. 


Creativity is at the heart of we do, including problem-solving with their peers and crafting. 

The children will also be involved in reusing, recycling, upcycling things to give them an exciting new lease of life or use.


With over 20 years experience of teaching design and technology in a range of educational settings, the children will gain lots of knowledge and skills in an inspirational learning environment.  They will explore, experiment, then design and make products that they can take home as

keepsakes and be proud of. 


Creating - its a Craft, Design thing


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