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All Levels, All Mediums

Are you ready to learn something new?  Have you always wanted to give Crafting and Creating a shot? We’ve got classes for varying skill levels and in different mediums.  All of our guests and students love coming to our classes and we get great reviews from current and past participants. Read below to learn more and to find a class that suits you!

Take a Class With Us

We at IAM, enjoy teaching students how to create, craft and make things like but not limited to jewellery, for example picture frames, superhero characters, t-shirt designs, sculptures, basket weaving, artwork, designing and making then decorating small items. The different types of classes are as follows:

Innovating and Making 

5-11 years olds - Wednesday Afternoons,  4.15-5.15pm, £10.00

Get your hands dirty with this fun, interactive creative designing, crafting and making class.  All students love innovating and making objects and feel extremely accomplished after leaving. Class sizes are kept small in order to ensure each participant gets enough attention from the instructor.  This class is also a great way to mingle and meet other students of all levels within the community.

Coming soon : Family Keepsakes Sessions

Saturdays,  £10.00

If you’re tired of working at home without improving, try your hand at this unique and fun session. This class is taught by a truly unbelievable creative who is here to help you become the creative you've always dreamed of.  Sessions include: 

Parent and Baby Sessions, i.e making keepsakes of their hands and feet etc.  

- Family Sessions, where family members come to create and make something together from paper, metal, beads or wood . 


This rewarding class is designed for any family member/s desiring to create sentimental objects for or with the family.

Creative Parties -  designing and Crafting products

Saturdays, 4-6pm / Sundays - £150 and/or during the school holidays on arrangement.

We can’t all be a modern Picasso or Dyson, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it your best shot whilst having fun. All of our classes focus on the process, rather than the end result of art, crafts and design. Here, we consider that each piece of work created is an honest masterpiece.  Call us today to find out more or Book Now.

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